S1 Ep 08: Is Your Confidence Failing You?

Today I am sharing my thoughts on building self-confidence and how it’s directly related to how you allow people to treat you, what you believe you are worth and how successful you will be.

Actionable To Do: 

  1. Be and Stay Prepared: You need to consistently work on increasing your skill set, increasing your knowledge, and be dedicated to putting in the time to do all of those things. Feeling prepared will increase your level of faith in yourself.
  1. Set Up Your Back Up Tools: Have resources you can reach for when things are not working out or you feel challenged. Turn on your favorite podcast, read a motivational book, find inspiration, treat yourself. You need to distract yourself from falling back into doubt and fear.
  1. Change Your Approach: Training yourself to work through challenges increases your belief in your abilities and therefore increases overall confidence! 
  1. Stop Waiting For Permission: Confidence is built by trying and in taking action by not relying on its outcome to define weather or not you were successful, you were successful in your TRYING.

I want you to think about these things and apply them to your current situation.

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I’m Out.