S1 Ep 04: Passive Income & Multiple Streams Of Revenue

“If you don’t figure out how to make money while you sleep you will work until you die”

Serious Entrepreneurs Should Have 2 Goals: Passive Income and Multiple Streams of Revenue! Today’s episode is focusing on the different types of passive income and active income and why you want multiple ways of earning income. 


Do some mind mapping! Use the mind mapping results to see how many ways you can use your skill/hobby/biz to create at least three streams of revenue. Once you have your three streams of revenue choose the one that you can start working on right away, then plan the other two. Remember not to limit your thinking!

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Thanks for listening and remember for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: SOLVE a problem or need, HELP your customer/follower move past their current stage/ EARN respect and Build TRUST.

Im out.